how do i add music on tumblr?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The best way to put your playlist on tumblr is using the SCM Music. It is the best way because, when you switch the page on the same tumblr, the music don't stop, this means, the music don't stops always the guest switch the pages.

    So, how do I use SCM Music?

    Step 1: Check the site;Step

    2. Choose the what player you want;

    3. Press Edit Playlist;

    4 On the Song Title box, you put the name, and the Song URL box, you put the link of the music on youtube;

    5. Press Configure Settings and make all what you want there.⁠

    6. Press Done on the right corner of the screen;

    7. Copy the code generated; go to Tumblr >> Customize >> Custom HTML and paste the code below the <body>, to find where are the <body> use Ctrl+F;

    NOTE: The player will not appear at the Customization page, to see how the player looks, save and go to your Tumblr page.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    google it

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