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In economic terms, which of the following is selling a good?

A. A math tutor

B. An ice cream truck driver

C. A psycholigist

D. A TV repairman

2. Who is Adam Smith?

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    1. B and possibly D are selling goods. The ice cream truck driver is selling ice cream; the TV repairman may sell parts, though he is primarily selling a service.

    2. Adam Smith was a social thinker of the 18th Century who wrote two books and various important articles.

    The first book was The Theory of Moral Sentiments, which was in large part an exploration of sympathy -- of how and of why people care about others.

    The second book was An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (better known simply as "The Wealth of Nations"). As the title suggests, the book was concerned with what the true wealth of a nation would be, and with how a nation came to have it. Smith's exploration made him a highly influential thinker on the subject of economics. His conclusions were generally that the wealth of a nation were not its stock of gold or silver (as some had claimed) nor the wealth of its aristocracy or gentry, but were the level material well-being had by the populace generally, and that this were best promoted by leaving the choice of what goods and services were to be produced to the free choice of people, motivated by personal concerns and by market forces.

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    The ice cream driver, he sells icecream, the rest sell services. (If you can't physicaly touch the thing they people are selling, it's usually a service)

    Maybe sometimes the TV repairman needs to replace a part, in which case he would be selling goods as well as services.

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    make mine a drum stick... I love licking it after breaking the shell B: Ice Cream Driver

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