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What is surf music...?

What is surf music?

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    Hello there,

    Surf music is instrumental and usually has a guitar lead. There are no vocals in surf. Surf rock originated in the late 50s. The early pioneer was **** Dale. He is often credited with creating the sound. Surf rock is closely associated with Fender guitars and Fender amps. Leo Fender worked with **** Dale to create the gear needed.

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    The earliest surf group is commonly thought of to be the Belairs. Not all surf had reverb. The Belairs are proof of that.

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    That group had both Paul Johnson and Eddie Bertram. Two of the best known guitarists of surf rock. The group supposed split up over a dispute whether to add reverb to their sound (like **** Dale). Both Paul Johnson and Eddie Bertram formed other early surf groups. I believe Eddie recently died of cancer. Paul still plays.

    Contrary to what some on here think, the Beach Boys were not surf. The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean and others sang about the beach, hot rods and surfing. That is the California sound. This is Paul Johnson (one of the founders of surf talking about the Beach Boys and the California sound).

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    If you ever wondered what the garage of an old time surf guitarist looks like, here you go. Fender amp, Fender out board reverb unit and a Fender Stratocaster.

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  • Surf Music is mostly instrumental guitar music listened to by surfers in the early 60's like **** Dale and The Ventures. The Beach Boys sang about surfing but they actually played very little actual Surf Music.

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    listen to the early recordings of The Beach Boys and you will have a very good idea of just what surf music is.

    Source(s): 60 years roaming this old earth
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    try listening to The Beach Boys or Jan and Dean

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    Early 60's California band stuff.........

    Beach Boys, Jan and Dean are the two that always come to mind.........

    in current terms......I would say Cheryl Crow probably comes closest. That bubbly, infectious, easy to sing along, stuff about fun in the sun, and wanting to have fun, and all that good vibe crapola.

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    and this...

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    Don't you want to go surfing now?

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