Shaved pubic hair. Staph infection ? Worried ! (GUY)?

2 nights ago i decided that I would take all my pubic hair away because it was itchy sometimes. I had no idea about shaving or anything. I got out of the shower, trimmed the hair with siccors and then shaved, without shaving cream or gel. It was dry. I shaved the wrong way. Its now really itching and feels llike there are a lot of splinters. There are no cuts but the area is rather red. The hair is not completley gone, its like stubble I geuss. Im scared, I dont know what to do ? Can you get a staph infection ? Are staph infections REALLY bad ? Ingrown hair ? Is that REALLY bad ? Im going to the docotrs tommorow, should I ask anything, or be aware of anything ? Im worried !

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  • Zwise
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    9 years ago
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    Just splash a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide on it a time or two per day and the irritation will gradually go away.

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