Can a man who sleeps with a different girl every week, and uses a variety of drugs regularly?

ever be called a happy man?

(hypothetical question)

I just asked this question, and most men said something along the lines of "Yes, I wish I lived like that!" or "He is god!"


Most women, answered with "No, not until he stops" or "He is a loser!"

What is your reasoning behind this?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I'm a guy and I could tell you that, if a person, regardless of gender is using drugs, then they are not happy. It makes sense because if you were happy enough, you would keep away from such things.

    He is not God, and those people that say that are generally dumb-nuts, or just trolls and find it funny.

    Women who reply with such a statement show that they rationalize the fact that if he continues what he enjoys doing, then he's a happy person - which is their general idea of what happiness is. However, the other side from the women's argument is that they prohibit such an act and claim that the person is a loser. Therefore, from two statements that contradict one another, women are indecisive and cannot give one statement like men.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    here in Brazil women call men like that cachorros.. means dogs. I don't think it's something good

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