Latin derivation help?

res: thing, matter, event

dies: day


nemo:no one, nobody

nihil: nothing

num: whether

num....?: surely....not?

re-: back-

ante: before, in front of

apud: among, with, at the house of

circum: around

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  • 9 years ago
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    Res also meant the public interest, whence English "republic", but since this meaning of "res" could be translated in the Germanic languages as "Thing" (e.g. Althing, the Icelandic parliament), lazy monks used "thing" to translate it in all its senses, so "thing" in the sense of "object".

    Dies is a cognate of "day" but the Latin form has given English "diary," "diurnal," "diet " (both what we eat every day and as a traditional translation of the German Reichstag,

    Spes is the root of desperation (hopelessness)

    Nemo is "ne'****" (no man), whence humanus (human , humanity)

    Nihil is the origin of "annihilation, nihilist)

    Re- is the prefix in "return," "revolve," "retrograde"

    Ante gives "anterior, anticipate, antenatal"

    Circum is the root of circumnavigate, circle, circulate.

    I know of no English derivatives of num or of apujd.

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