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Do you agree with Time Magazine's choice for person of the year?


My issue with it is that not all "Protesters" are good. Their premise is that all protesters in general are noteworthy. I disagree with that premise. I think protesters who support freedom are much more laudable than protesters supporting tyrants.

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  • Nikki
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    9 years ago
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    II stopped reading Time long ago. I would've had more respect if they'd put the cop crapper picture on the cover.

  • rafael
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    4 years ago

    Kate Middleton, Steve Jobs, or William McRaven could all were available Time 'individual' of the twelve months in my opinion. yet, no human being has had extra of a perfect away impression this twelve months than the lone protester. I agree.

  • ATJ
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    9 years ago

    How can they compare people in the middle east fighting for justice and freedom and sacrificing their lives for their freedom with the occupiers it's apples and oranges? This is just a political crap from the left trying to have people accept the insanity of a group who have not a smidgen of an organized thought. . This is typical left behavior and the Times is well known on controlling the left and how they think since they have no clue as to how the world works ! Steve Jobs should have gotten it but he insulted Obama from his grave in his biography. I refuse to read the Times because they stink of Marxism!

  • 9 years ago

    That's a terrible picture, but yes, I agree with the sentiment.

    2011 started with Tea Party elected candidates joining Congress in January. Then, the Arab Spring toppled multiple dictators. Then the Occupy protests began in the US along with similar protests against the inequality of income and power around the world. I would say that protests have been the biggest newsmaker of the year, which is the criteria that Time uses for it's choice.

    EDIT: Time Magazine is about newsworthiness, not goodness. It is awarded to the most impactful newsmaker of the year. Hitler won man of the year in 1938, for example. They very nearly awarded it to bin Laden in 2001, but gave it to Guiliani out of fear of being seen as acknowledging bin Laden's success in his horrible goals.

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  • Here’s an economics lesson that they don’t teach in home-school:

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    And what was the result of 35 years of stimulus with high tax rates and annual budget deficits? GDP growth was so strong that the debt ratio dropped to 25% of its wartime peak.

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    Stimulus worked for Hitler before WW II. Stimulus worked for us during and after WW II. Stimulus is working for China today. If we dump the deficit hawks, stimulus can work for us tomorrow morning.

    Every time we printed money to put people to work on infrastructure, we created wealth.

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    I don't feel that hippies with poor hygiene, defecating on police cars and sidewalks and screaming for more hand outs so they can sit at home and smoke weed all day hardly counts as "person of the year".

  • 9 years ago

    Yes. The 'Arab Spring' was far and away the most important event of the year.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Never even heard of him so I guess not

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Obviously those four father dudes wouldn't because those dudes didn't believe in change or standing up against tyrany bro!

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