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Where can I find them in Canadian Electrical Code book?

I can't find them in the CEC. who knows where they are. thanks


hi VShade.

They might be similar.

I think your way works, I just want to know where i can find them up. rough content location.

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    I think that CEC follows USA NEC quite closely.

    NEC 210.70(A)(1) Exception 1 "In other than kitchens and bathrooms one or more receptacles controlled by a wall switch shall be permitted in lieu of lighting outlets."

    If that helps, post a comment in "Additional Information" and I will try to help with the other part.

    Re Additional Details

    In the USA NEC, Chapter 2 is entitled Wiring and Protection and Article 210 is entitled Branch Circuits. The material that I quoted above is part of Article 210.70 entitled Lighting Outlets Required. I don't know how the CEC is organized, but the requirements of Part 1 are similar to the NEC.

    In the USA, there is an NEC Handbook that provides assistance with using the NEC with examples and illustrations. I believe that CEC has something similar.

    I could not find the answer to the second part of your question in the NEC. I think the USA requirement doesn't directly limit the number of receptacles.

    I suggest that you first look at the CEC to see how it is organized, what is in each chapter or section in general. Then look for the details related to specific questions in the sections that seem most likely. Be sure to pay attention to notes and exceptions in articles that seem to cover the areas of interest.

    If you post additional questions with "Canadian Electrical Code" in the title perhaps someone with specific CEC knowledge will respond.

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    Go to a 4 year college. Check out the book store accross the street.

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