Is this a bad christmas gift for my boyfriend?

I think he is getting me the boots I wanted and some sort of jewellery (a necklace, maybe a promise ring, etc).

I bought him a couple things he needed but for the main gift I was thinking of getting him a new winter jacket. His is all torn up and he probably wouldn't go buy one for himself until it was really falling apart. A good jacket is around 200-300 dollars canadian. Is this a good gift?? I'm worried I'm going to get something nice and then he gets a jacket. My original idea was to get him a watch or something... but I would love to get him something he can really use. He will use it for sure, but I wish I could get him something that would really wow him. He is the kind of guy that would appreciate anything though... Is this a bad gift idea?

I am 19 and he is 21. His main interests are football and hockey.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Get him a nice jacket! Even if someone else gets him one, the chances that you get the same kind are really low.... I'm sure then when he wears it he'll think of you!

  • lainey
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    4 years ago

    honestly, it incredibly is not a stable concept to offer your ex-boyfriend a modern for Christmas, because of the fact he already has a lady pal. there is no choose so you might adhere around and take care of the pointless drama. sure, you nevertheless have emotions to your ex-boyfriend, yet you could desire to circulate on which contain your life. As for the present, supply it to somebody else or return it for a reimbursement. You deserve extra powerful and you will locate somebody it incredibly is so lots extra powerful than your ex-boyfriend.

  • 9 years ago

    A jacket is a great gift. Id like it anyways!

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