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How does Alice's Adventures In Wonderland appeal to both Children and Adults?

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    Alice's Adventure in Wonderland appeals to children because of it's dream-like fairytale structure, with its odd events and strange characters. No doubt these appeal to adults too, although I would say that Alice in Wonderland is actually very sophisticated and clever.

    For example, it contains a lot of mathematical concepts that do appear in real life. Carroll plays a lot with words and puns. It is also allegorical. Take The Mad Hatter. The phrase "mad as a hatter" came earlier than the story. That would probably be something adults pick up on. And the fact that it points to the mercury poisoning of hatters in Stockport.

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    Both adults and children find an imaginary world where nothing is fixed and anything is possible quite appealing. Just because a book is marked 'children' and isn't a hard book to read doesn't mean adults won't enjoy it.

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    For children, it's a fun and zangy fantasy. Adults see the allegories to drug use and other things that simply shoot over children's heads.

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