9 days of fun and loving letters for a 6 year old?

This isn't your average parenting question, so put on your thinking caps! :)

I am going to Mexico on a vacation in about 6 weeks. My 6 year old daughter is not coming and she will be staying with either my parents or her dad. This is the longest I have been away from her before and she is making a big deal out of it. She says things like, "I will cry the whole time you are gone because I will miss you so much." I will be able to call her, but I would like to make her something special to let her know that I am always thinking of her. I was thinking of writing her a letter to open each day.

I am looking for fun/interesting ideas to add to the letter. Something that makes it more than just a letter. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated! :)

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  • Selar
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    9 years ago
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    My 12 year old son is a student ambassador and went to Europe for a month without us. His delegation leader had us write three letters that would be distrubuted to the kids at different intervals. This was the first time he had ever been away from us. Because they were to go to six countries it was impossible to mail a letter. When i wrote, i tried to predict what he would be doing and what we would be doing. So it was as of we were in a good communication. I had his itinerary and our schedule of course. I incorporated various things we were doing, said I hope in enjoyed whichever activity, talked about his brother and sister. Joked around and completely refrained from anything that would make him sad. Let him know we missed him,.we were proud of him etc. For your little one it helps to tell your child, when you look at the moon, stars, etc.....we both are looking at the same one and it is a good reminder for us....

  • K
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    9 years ago

    When I went on a trip with my auntie and Grandma, my mother sent me off with a sheet of 'goodnight kisses' with a lipstick print for every night I'd be away...

    The Grandma in question lived far away, and sent me splendid letters I still have that were partially handwriting and partially collages of stuff cut out of magazines -- from ads for toys that I had or other what-not that was familiar/interesting to me. Those collage letters still delight me, even more now that the pictures in them are (cough) a bit antiquated.

    Then promise to bring her next time...

  • 9 years ago

    Why cant she go with u?

    i couldnt leave my 6yr old daughter for that long, my heart would ache for my 2 children, i miss them when they go to my mums for a nite or so.

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