Why have my Tragus and Eyebrow piercings become infected at the same time?

So my eyebrow is fully healed but it has become infected, by Tragus was pierced recently but there is a lump growing around the piercing so i presume it is infected but why have they become infected at the same time? And i really don't fancy taking them out even though i shouldn't while they are infected.. Whats the best way of getting rid of these infections?


Hiya, Yeah they are on the same side of the face so i guess that explains it, thank you :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Just curious are they on the same side of your face? sometimes piercings don't agree or are more sensitive on one side of your face... just clean them with sea salt and warm water twice a day and don't twist, fiddle or remove them for at least 6 months :)

  • 9 years ago

    Yoru tragus is carti and mine developed a lump too. ITs gone now though. Mine went infected also, and well i had to go to the hospital get it removed and a bandage around my head for a few days because you can get bad swelling in it. If the eyebrow is infected it wasnt fully healed. Clean them like you just got them pierced again, three times a day. I found that the exspensive quick relief and numbing savilon reallly helped draw the puss out of mine, ans i use it for ingrown hairs also.Its like 5 quid a tube, but it helps draw out the infection, on a medical pad or something. but dude, dont leave it forever, especially cart otherwise itll hurt for the rest of yoru life, forever keep a lumb and effectily your infected areas are rotting. i hope this is help. Also, They probably became infecte at the same time because theyre somehow connec ted. feel your skin, head, and if theres a denfiate sensitive "path" you have pus channelling. But it might just be the fact youve been alil dirty ecently, both were open and raw, and both just got infected with the same, bit, and where there were two new open pierces, there was less antibodies to protect each one,so higher risk of infection again.

  • 9 years ago

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