What kind of job/career can I get into? I'm going through some kind of life crisis.?

I'm currently enrolled as a first year student in University for basic English because I wanted to be a Writer. My courses include: Physics (Astronomy), Philosophy, Psychology, History, and English. I'm currently failing all of these classes. I thought that if I really wanted this, I would apply myself 110% and I'd succeed greatly, but it turns out University is a lot more difficult than just that. Writing is my passion and it's the reason I breathe, but I don't think I'll be able to live off of it. I've always loved Writing, and the fact that I might never be able to succeed with it kills me. I'm just so confused as to what I can do with my life now. Besides writing, I'm into astronomy, scientific theories, art (drawing, painting, music) and I absolutely love animals.

The only problem is that I didn't take any science credits in my final year of High School, so I think I'm pretty limited to the things I can achieve. Can anyone please help me out? It would be greatly appreciated to get some advice or some insight! Thanks in advance <3


I'm well aware that I don't really need a higher education in order to be a Writer, but I thought it would help me out in the long run, or if all else failed, that it might offer some other option.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I hope It helps you, I'll tell you my story:

    I live in Venezuela and I finished my high school at 16. Maybe I was a little weak and I could not make the correct decisions. I was lucky beacause I'd got the chance to study a wonderful career called: Environmental Engineering. I was very happy, in fact, I studied all the day though the course were really hard for me (Calculus, Chemistry, English, etc). At the second semester I lost my interest to study that career even though I had been one of the best students in my class... let me tell that I was the one only who passed physics I . LOL. It was very nice for me in that moment. and I wanted to go on stuying engineering. I spent 6 semester... with ups and downs, happy and disappointed... but at end I was totally sad... to the point that I thought to abandon my studies. Luckily in May (2011) I made up my mind what I really want for my future, and finally I told my family that I wouldn't keep studying it.

    Since Octuber I began to study Management (International Trade or trading sorry).. and everything is going perfect, not too much... but I´m satisfied with all. I like all the courses (Accounting, Law, Geography, Introduction to Management, Microeconomics, etc) and I'm really yearning for the rest of the courses like English's, International Economics, International Marketing, etc which I'm sure that they will make me quite happy. Becuase It's there where I belong. That's my vocation, my passion and It's what I am prepared to do for reaching my goals... I don't even think about the time I spent (3 years) or how old I am now (19) becuase I am happy.. I feel like a winner in many ways :)

    I advice that you need to understand yourself and know yourself deeply before you make a very important decision like that. Do you know Why I am saying it?... NO?... well, there is big different betwenn you and me... and It's that you really like to become a writer and I didn't want to be an engineer. So, you have the heart to go on with career because you will love to work in it.

    Although you It really makes you happy... "NOT ONLY OF BREAD A MAN LIVES" (It's a popular saying in my country... I hope you understand it) It means that Just of one thing It's impossible to live and survive in the world... because we all need to have a balance in our lives, So is not enough to want.. It's necessary to do, to have the necessary tools... you know what I mean. I could realize that you admit that there are many things that also make you happy and you like them. Then, Make a list of the things that you want to have, your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you would be able to do for reaching them and to get where you want to be.

    I don't know what else to say, but I was honest in all the things that I said... I hope It has been useful and you can learn something about my experience!.

    Good luck.. and Greetings from Venezuela!.

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  • 9 years ago

    First stop and take a deep breath!

    College is very different for most people than they expect. It looks lke you loaded up your year with rather difficult classes which make it a little hard. What you did in High School won't effect what you can achieve in college.

    My suggestion to you is do the best you can this semester. Give it everything you have got to try and pass those classes. Then next semester I would try and take a class that involves each of the interests above. But make sure they are not all hard classes. I would take a literature class, art class, maybe animal biology, and then maybe some general education class that would not be too difficult.

    When I went to college I had a lot of trouble at a certain point but the I stumbled across this class that changed my mind and life (actually it was the professor of the class) I went to school to become a journalist and ended up a history and interpersonal communications major.

    But to succeed at all you are going to have to breathe and learn how to manage your time a little better so that you are not failing all of your classes.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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