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How do you uninstall "blekko" ?

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I have a pc, i use google chrome, but this blekko search bar keeps coming up . like i open google chrome and i type something in the search engine and blekko gives me results . how do ...show more
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Restart the computer. If it keeps coming up then you have adware in your registry and will need to download Malwarebytes to scan and erase it. http://www.malwarebytes.org/ hit "Download now". Trust me It's more than safe.


I'm a certified Computer tech.
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  • TheLast Sense answered 2 years ago
    Blekko isn’t a virus. Its a search engine. Like google, bing, or yahoo. Here’s how to get rid of it:

    Open Blekko.
    Copy + paste this in the search bar => http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/new...

    Download firefox. Its better than the internet.
    After its installed, if bookmarks were saved on Blekko, copy + paste the links into firefox and bookmark them all.
    Then, right click on the Blekko icon on your desktop, and click uninstall. If that option isn’t there, just put it in the recycle bin/trash can.
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