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what is airplane mode on an Ipad and what does it do?

I just got an Ipad for Christmas, and it's awsome, but I'm just wondering what does the airplane mode do??? And also if can FaceTime on the airplane

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    Airplane Mode disables tethering for networks. Always make sure to have it on if your on an airplane and its on. Otherwise, keep it off. In non-computer "nerd" terms, it disables WiFi. Without WiFi, FaceTime is screwed.

  • Maria
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    4 years ago

    Airplane mode shuts off any wireless communications that the Ipad is capable of, If you have a 3G enabled Ipad then it stops it trying to look for a 3G connection. You'd probably be alright with it off anyway, but the idea is that it stops interference for the aeroplane's communications, I don't know whether this is actually true or not though.

  • Ged
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    9 years ago

    Airplane mode is need to enable when you're in the airplane. When airplane is taking off or down, all electronics device should be turn off. Instead of turning off your iPad, switch it to airplane mode for faster deactivation. If there is signal or wifi available in airplane you can use Facetime.

  • Jay
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    9 years ago

    airplane mode is a feature that turns off all signals generated from the ipad so as to not disrupt any frequencies used in navigating and such on a flight

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  • 9 years ago

    Airplane mode disables all wireless communication (wifi / 3G / ...)

    Basically it removes the phone / online functions from your iPad so you can play games without crashing the plane.

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    Aeroplane mode is that avoids all the wireless. And 3g networks and signals so u will not be connected to internet, no u cannot facetime in aeroplane... enjoy wid ur ipad :)

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    i dont know

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