medication suggestions for chronic pain, fibromylagia and neuralgia?

I have been suffering from CP for a little over 6 years, deciding about 1.5 years ago to begin the process of treatment by admitting to the doctor the pain I was suffering daily as it was beginning to negatively affect my life in multiple ways. The process commenced with a visit to my GP who suggested Fibromyalgia based on the symptoms presented in addition to the pain including constant migraines, nausea, and digestive issues to name a few, submitting a referral to a Specialist for further investigation while also attempting to find a temporary solution with medication while waiting for an appointment. While waiting to see a Specialist and experimenting with various medications it was determined that I suffered from neuralgia complicating the treatment process given the lack of conclusive treatment for the disease. With this said, I have not yet received an appointment time, and have tried multiple different medications in addition to physical therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy with the combinations of treatments only providing minimal relief. As the pain is now beyond overwhelming with some of my days spent crying in bed, I am hoping someone out there can provide suggestions on treatment combinations, specifically medications, that have worked for people suffering from similar diseases/conditions. The medications tried and or currently on are celebrex, amitriptyline, prococets, T3s, Lyrica, and carbamazipine. Help is appreciated. thank you.


To JMITW, I strongly suggest that before you respond to a question with your opinion on a matter that does not address the question at hand, you should ask for clarification to avoid coming across as narrow-minded and/or having limited knowledge. Although unrelated to the question asked, I would have been happy to let you know that I have had so many blood tests, ct scans, and MRIS performed that I have lost count on the amount of times each type of test has been performed; and yes, I have been tested for MS (which runs in my family and my partners) in addition to Chiari, lymes, lupus, hormone problems, vitamin deficiency, thyroid issues, Cancers, Celiac Disease (which I was wrongly diagnosed with for two years. It turned out to just be a barely allergy), and allergies (not just food, which I do have a few). Additionally, I could have mentioned that I have been seen by a specialist for each and every symptom experienced with no luck at figuring out why I am experiencing one of the many

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    I did sort out my chronic neck pain by using a simple exercise at home every few hours. I found it in this ebook on

    I also bought this device and it changed my life

    Good luck!

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    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in the late 90s. What I found is that the medications didn't help so much and the side effects were hard to deal with. I take calcium/magnesium supplements, I take homeopathic relaxers (Calms Forte - you can get in most pharmacies), and I take aspirin for inflammation, and sometimes high dose ibuprofen when I need it. I went on a restricted diet eliminating breads and flour completely and only eating chicken, vegetables and fruits and that helped a lot. I went off the diet a couple months ago because of living situation and I'm dealing with worse symptoms right now, so I'm going back on it - it was very restrictive but it relieved a lot of pain. And I drink a lot of water but add a pinch of baking soda to the water to alkalize it - some bottled water is acidic and that makes the system more acidic - alkaline water is better. Good luck.

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    You should check this sciatica natural treatment

    Normally, I would not answer a question like this as my expertise is generally in medication but I had severe sciatica while I was pregnant with my 3rd child (after having had twins) and I had sciatica so bad that I was finding it difficult to walk. I tried massage therapy and physical therapy and could not take medication

    I went to the chiropractor and the pain was instantly relieved. My hips and lower back were out of alignment because I had carried twins the year before. On occasion a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) can also work but they usually only work on one joint at a time - the chiropractor will do your whole back which works faster. Anyone who does not believe in chiropractors will tell you they are quacks - don't listen.

    I don't necessarily believe that chiropractors can cure things like diabetes but they can definitely relieve some types of back pain especially if a pinched nerve is involved which is usually the cause of sciatica. Try a reputable chiropractor ASAP!

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    I would suggest taking Mucinex or the generic equivalent. I was having widespread pain, but mostly in my arm where I had a previous injury. Words cannot describe how awful the pain was. I was having pain on and off since my accident in 2007, but the pain became instense and almost constent in November 2009, with simple movements escalating the pain even more! In March 2010, I got a cold and started taking Mucinex. After a week of being on the Mucinex, I noticed that my pain was more managable. I wasn't sure what was causing the improvement, but I did some research on Mucinex and found that the main ingredient has been used as a pain reliever for centuries by native americans, and some doctors currently give it to patients for conditions like FM (although the FDA has not approved its use and medical trial have not confirmed its ability to help patients like us).

    But I can personally testify that the medication has helped me. The overall effect is gradual, but within a week I felt such relief that I wanted to shout it from the mountain tops! After about a year, I felt like the pain was completely gone and I that I had full range of motion and my strength and flexibility imroved too . I have to say that my condition continued to improve and now, almost two years after I started taking daily does of Mucinex, I still feel improvement in the pain. My doctor said it was ok to take it daily, but he couldnn't confirm that the Mucinex was to blame since the FDA only approves it for an cough expectorant.

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  • Anonymous
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    I was diagnosed earlier this year with fibro after goin through years of tests since I was 11. So I know where your coming from. Something I found to relieve pain, is a massage from my boyfriend. The medication I'm on isnt helping. Everyone with fibro find different things to help them. I wish you luck and maybe since you're over 18 they can find something better.

    And since fibro affects the nerves, I would stick to those medications. As anything pertaining to the joints or muscles will not help reduce any pain.

    Oh, and I like your response to JMITW. Her responses are so generalized and hypocritically rude.

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