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Questions About Found Footage Movies?

1-Have there ever been any actual found footage movies? Released or not?

2- If they did happen to find found footage and they released it, wouldnt that be illeagal.

3-Whats a found footage film that people really believed was real?

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    1. - None that I'm aware of. I mean, there certainly have been police cases where incriminating footage of the crime was discovered, but I wouldn't call that sort of thing "found footage movies".

    2. - Shooting from the hip here, I'd assume the legality of releasing such footage would depend on many different variables, like whether the footage depicts actual crimes that simply could not be published legally (thinking mostly of sexual child abuse here), or whether publishing the material would cause harm to the victims. Copyright might pose a hurdle too, I suppose.

    3. - Judging from my IMDb experiences, there always seem to be at least a few people buying into the "found footage" gimmick, no matter how implausible it is. I wouldn't be surprised if there are people out there, who even believe "Cloverfield" to be authentic. However, the only found footage movies I can think of that actually caused somewhat of a stir due to their proclaimed authenticity were "Cannibal Holocaust" and "The Blair Witch Project".

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    There have a been a lot of fake found footage. Paranormal activity, Blair witch project, last exorcism, apollo 18 etc etc

    They mainly pop up in horror movies and a lot of people believed Blair witch and paranormal activity to be real when they came out.

    But there hasn't been any real ones that were "found", theres war documentaries that can considered found footage but i don't personally. Hope this helps

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