Skyrim Dawdric Sword Epic help?

so i just crafted my daedric sword but when i went to upgrade it it only went to epic and not legendary. I loaded my old save right before i crafted it. my smithing is only 90 but it says you need 90 for daedric. If i do need to get it to 100 what perk do i use it on to get legendary. also how do i raise its base attack when crafting it. also when upgrading it with grind stone how do i raise that attack too

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    9 years ago
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    OHHHH YEAH Skyrim!

    I went through the same trouble. Here's a small little tip: Your smithing level determines how high you can upgrade stuff! That's right! 90 is required for Daedric, but even higher is required for upgrading it!

    Now you'll reach level 100 and realize, "Huh, I can't level up anymore, yet there's options for upgrading the sword"

    Now what do you do? Here's what you do! You can actually push your smithing past 100! Just level up your enchanting and alchemy.

    1. Make a potion that increases your enchanting

    2. Drink that potion, and enchant some clothes that increase alchemy

    3. Wear those clothes, and make a potion that increases enchanting

    4. Drink that potion, create new clothes that increase alchemy.

    Keep doing that! You'll super boost your alchemy and enchanting. Once it's high enough, making clothes AND a potion that increases smithing. Use/drink those before you hit the grinding wheel and PRESTO, you've got a sword that reaches into the thousands/millions (If you enchant it)

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    when you are 100 you can get a drought of blacksmith potion and you can also enchant clothes and jewelry with fortify blacksmith enchant. that will pick up your base attack power

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