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All due respect, but isn't Australia a bit boring and samey?

Just seems like a boring place with no real culture worth travelling all that long a distance for. No offence.

If I wanted to visit beach locations surrounded by disgusting McMansion-style architecture in generic suburbs scattered all over the place, I'd just go to the states and visit Florida or something. As for the unique wildlife, there are plenty of zoos here that suffice.

Just don't see what all the hype is about. Again, no offence. Just seems like a waste of time.

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    I kind of agree, I live in Switzerland and well, Europe's pretty happ''s just always on, ther's always something. There are hundreds of different cultural backgrounds, too many things happening to keep track..

    But I like Australia. I lived there for 3 years as an adult (I was born in Sydney and moved at age 9), and it was tough the first 2 years, cause it seemed and felt so slow, empty, and devoid of emotion or sentiment, but then I got used to it, and I found something I had never known, it was an absolutley abysmal sense of peace.

    And it's just wonderful. Nothing is more relaxed than an Australian (native or settler)

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    How funny you should say that. A friend of mine said much the same about Europe when he visited last year. How may photos of fabulous historic cathedrals can you take before they all start looking the same? Australia can be a boring lifeless place - if that is all that you are looking for. The distances within the country are enormous. If you drive you are going to have not just hours but days of boring samey scenery blitzing past your window. As for culture, most Australians do speak the same language, have the same attitudes and eat the same kinds of foods. The suburbs of some cities do have their little communities of McMansions. But then you didn't want to come 12000 kms to see the suburbs did you? Just as well, because then you would miss things like:

    * Racing yachts on a dry river bed 1000kms from nearest body of water.

    * watching great white sharks being fed in open water

    * The oldest recorded civilisation on the planet - Australian Aboriginal culture. Their art is like nothing else.

    * hunting for opals in a town where everyone lives underground in caves.

    * Kayak through claustrophobic underground tunnels below a 150 year old convict prison.

    * see the world at 300 metres per second in a MiG fighter jet.

    * stay the night in a lighthouse.

    * drinking the world's most expensive cup of coffee.

    * swimming with wild seals

    * going on a flying pub crawl - where your designated driver is a pilot.

    * ride the worlds steepest railway.

    * experience 80 degrees below zero in the Australian Antarctic Territory

    * cross the country both ways on two of the worlds great railway journeys, the Indian-Pacific and the Ghan. One of which traverses 400 Kms of the worlds longest dead straight stretch of track.

    * meet and feed dolphins in the wild, up close and personal.

    * joining a cattle drive in the outback

    * participating in tropfest - the worlds largest short film festival.

    * running screaming from a leech infested rainforest.

    But like you said, Australia is a really boring place, nothing to see there.

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    I have travelled 27 Countries and lived in 3 . I live in Australia now by choice. This huge island is diverse and amazing i have travelled all around Australia and there is no where else like it. There is plenty of Culture. Go and visit Darwin and surrounding areas or Tasmania both are extremely different . You wont know what the hype is about until you have done a road trip through this amazing Country

  • Chefao
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    8 years ago

    What a jerk. I love that so many people feel the same way you do. It keeps the losers out of Australia and in their own little perfect world and leaves Australia to those that really appreciate it. Awesome place and great people because of the fact they don't let you in.

    I'm from the States and we don't want you here either. Go to your Zoo so you can experience the world's wildlife. As a matter of fact, turn in your passport, if you have one, you are no longer allowed to travel and speak freely since you're an ***.

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  • AKA
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    8 years ago

    Well then don't come here no one here really gives a **** if you do or don't (no offence lol) I love Australia and I'm never bored here in Sydney I have great friends and family and endless out door activities so I'm happy.

  • 8 years ago

    All due respect, If it seems such a waste of time, then why bother wasting your time asking this moronic Q

  • C.M. C
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    8 years ago

    Linesman, no offense taken. How would you know what the place if you haven't been there, how can you make such idiotic statements?

    Before you start, I have been to Florida, also La and San Diego, I would go to Australia any time over what you have to offer.

    Do the Australians a big favor and stay where you, you seem to be one of those loud ones that think the world owes you because your American.

    Your an idiot.

  • molly
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    8 years ago

    No skin off our nose if you don't come down have fun hanging with bunch of yanks as opposed to a group of Aussies .

    You know if you pretend really really hard they might forget your one of their annoying neighbours from Canada.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Then visit the States wanka, no offence

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yeah mate , you have a point is a long way & we'd hate to see you come here just to bore us all to death . Better that you stay where you are & save us all the unnecessary experience !

    Your dumb logic would see us all staying home , going nowhere , doing nothing & getting our worldview from watching TV obviously hasn't worked for you !

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