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What's a better phone to get? Samasumg galaxy ace or blackberry curve?

Ok so I'm getting a phone. The thing is that I don't know which one to get. It's either the blackberry curve with the 6.0 system or the sanding galaxy ace.

A lot of my friends have a blackberry so I can bbm them a lot. The thing is that I'll be having a 15$ a month plan which has 50 minutes of calling and 50 minutes of texting. If I had a blackberry I can bbm so it wouldn't be so bad.

The samsung galaxy ace, I know nothing about. I looked it up and it seems like an ok phone.

The blackberry curve isn't that good of a phone I hear. It doesn't have many features so I was debating what I should do. Get the galaxy phone or the blackberry.

What's your review on the galaxy phone?

Please help!!!

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    my opinion is to buy a galaxy ace . because its awesome . good looking,. could do kinda wonders with it.

    got a good cam and browsing is very good.

    you can get lotta apps from the android market. even you can update this phone up to date.

    go for this smart phone you wont regret it. i assure this.

    blackberry curve is ****. my friend bought it. so the first day itself he sold it and bought another. go for the Ace . its becoming more popular with the name Samsung Galaxy !... even if a friend ask you whats your phone you could say it proudly without any doubt.

    Source(s): Galaxy Ace user.
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