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Help? Is this normal? I'm a 17 year old female and?

The past few weeks since around the end of December I don't eat or get hungry until night time. Simply because I am not hungry. I know that's bad:/ it's been happening everyday. My parents think I'm 'starving myself' but last night my nipples became sore and they still are. Why?? My period doesn't start until around the 15th - 20th. I never know because it's so irregular now. It used to start Anytime from the 25th to the beginning of the next month. That changed in November then yet started towards the middle of the month. And last month my nipples hurt too a week and a few days before my period. Should I not worry? Im only 17 so are they growing or something? Plus I haven't gotten good sleep lately.. I stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning cause I have insomnia. Help I'm worrying:( and I have been stressed lately cause well I don't know I think about the worse then I worry and cry..

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    u need 2 c adr for a check up. probably nothing but growth spurts and hormone changes

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  • Anonymous
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    its pretty normal. you could get on birth control to regulate your periods. im 17 as well and my nipples get really sensitive and my breasts feel heavy and sore before my period. also, i binge eat then will go without eating for a few days. just saw my doctor today and i have to go to an eating disorder program thing...when he mentioned that it caught me right off guard. you may just need to see a dietitian to figure out meal plans or something so you dont lack the nutrients you need

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