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Political, economic and social factors of the...?

oil spill in the gulf of mexico.

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    9 years ago
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    The lesson we should learn from the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster is that the Earth and it's ability to recover from such incidents is much more robust than the Leftist Environmental Alarmist would have you to believe. This undoubtedly had to be the worst oil spill of all time by perhaps a factor of a thousand. Was there damage to the coastline ? --- sure, but not nearly so bad as the Alarmists would have you to believe.

    But we hear this all the time from the alarmists, we heard the same thing when the Exxon Valdez ruptured, we heard it again when the oil wells of Kuwait and Iraq were set on fire during the first Gulf war. Will we ever learn what big liars the environmental alarmist are?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Even more people realized that alarmists are full of excrement.

    Nature cleaned it up, all the scary stories turned out to be BS. The result wil be that common sense will be even more accepted, resulting in additional prosperity for all.

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