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I want to create my own fictional world?

Alright so I want to write about a whole different world, in a sense.

For example, take the game series The Elder Scrolls.

There are provinces such as Morrowind, Cyrodill, Skyrim, Daggerhell, Elswyr, Black Marsh and etc. on the continent of Tamriel. They have races such as Nords, Argonians, Kajhiit, Elves, Bretons, Orcs, etc.

They also have all kinds of different religions, and history literally written in books in the game.

So basically, I want to do something like this. Kind of write my own stuff about a different, new world.

Is this plagiarism? Because if you think about it, lot's of RPG games have this.

So, first question, is it plagiarism?

Second question; If I do do it, where should I start? What do I all need?

Thanks for your help.

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    Plagiarism is when u take the unique works of another and claim them as your creation.

    If u wrote about a world named Tamriel that echoed the Elder Scrolls world, then that would be plagiarism. If u just write about a medieval type of world that has no storyline relation to Elder Scrolls, then that is not plagiarism.

    U can even spoof things and it's not considered many movies have u seen that spoofed other movies. But they didn't tell the same story in toto.

    Also snippets and quotes are acceptible in stories. How many thousands of books have quoted Shakespeare for example.

    What u need to start is to create your own world. Maybe start with a landmass of your own creation. Then place various cities or villages in strategic spots. Then develop characters to populate those towns based on their environment. Your world could be a mix of modern and medieval (did u ever see the surrealistic modernistic version of Titus Andronicus (I think it was just titled "Titus"). The producer took Shakespeare's creation and totally revised the environment making a mix of ancient Rome and the modern world. Also the Leonardo DiCaprio version of "Romeo and Juliet" did that to a degree also.

    I must be in a Shakespeare mood today or something...and I don't even really like Shakespeare.

    But creating your own world is totally whatever your imagination wants it to be. Colour it how u like, make the inhabitants the way u want them. Don't be constrained by our world, or other authors' creations.

    Once u have planned the world and its inhabitants, u can begin to develop a storyline. And I can't help u here because my imagination is totally shot.

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    No, it is not plagiarism at all. C S Lewis created a whole new world, Narnia. J R R Tolkien created Middle Earth. It's not considered plagiarism to be creative.

    It all depends on where you find your inspiration to create a world. The concept of Narnia actually came from an image in Lewis' mind of a faun in a snowy wood carrying an umbrella and some parcels. If you have one thing you want to incorporate into your new world (say a mythical creature or some bizarre weather phenomenon or whatever) then start there and expand on that concept.

    You could also start with your plot line and figure out where you need characters to be and what you want to happen to them. For example, if you want your character to die by falling from a thousand foot cliff, put a mountain in your world and some strange poisonous plant to make him fall off the cliff.

    But really, this world is yours, so make it what you would want to see in a world apart from ours. Get those creative juices flowing and have fun!

    Hope I helped!

    Source(s): Imagination is more important then knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world. ~ Albert Einstein
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    It's not plagiarism to make your own world! Many writers do this.

    To start, write out all the things you must include, such as:



    Time (e.g. 2010 ad)




    etc., etc.

    Then just make it up from there. The ideas should just flow, but if they don't get inspiration from other forms of art like music and pictures, or borrow tidbits from other books (this isn't plagiarism if you're only taking a fragment).

    Good luck!

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    love the elder scrolls! :) it is not plagiarism. there are really no 'orginal' ideas left. it is all on how you spin it. now if you were to take the world of tamriel and write about that, now that is plagiarism. start by drawing your land. divide it up. create races. what do they believe? why are they not one land? what happened? war? explain. good luck.

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    I, each and every so often, make different ‘worlds’ for my memories besides, and that i think of that it relies upon on your tale. in the journey that your tale and characters and the plot you have in recommendations are undemanding, there's no ought to make an fairly complicated worldwide. the worldwide desires to in super condition the story nonetheless, so I recommend you first think of out the entire plot and the characters until eventually now you're making a worldwide. That way, you may shape the worldwide you desire to create to in super condition the story completely. It’s confusing nonetheless - i think of – so do spend countless time on it and think of intently on what you desire the worldwide to have and how plenty time you desire it to be set in (does it have television’s like we do, or is it a worldwide that doesn’t even have weapons or rifles such because of the fact the middle a while/medieval circumstances).

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