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Hahns Macaw vs. Senegal?

I am deciding between a Hahns macaw and a senegal.

Experienced people answer please (: people with both out there?

I want the more lovable, intelligent kind that feels more like a companion than a pet ( I don't know how to explain this) With my previous parrots, it was obvious which ones were my best friends(more human I think) and the ones that felt like.... a bird.

1. Which one is more intelligent (Not considering mimicry or speaking in context)

2. Which one is more affectionate? (Cuddly)

Thank you (:


One of my previous birds, a caique, loved me for about a month after I got it, then hated me for the rest of its life, and I mean HATED me. It lunged and screamed when I was near its cage. It was so cuddly and cute for the first four weeks then it turned evil. Well, it was still cute but it wasn't as lovable anymore. I was its main caretaker and I was the one who fed it, took it out, played with it and did all its care, yet it hated me. A little weird... but still happened. So, don;t try saying every bird will love me if I handle it everyday and whatnot because my caique was out everyday for hours getting undivided attention, consistently (until it died), even when it hated me.

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    First things first: what many people find out too late about Caiques is their often volatile nature as they mature. It takes a very special person to be able to successfully handle and live with a hormonal caique. I wish more breeders mentioned this, because this information is hard to find. If anyone is thinking of getting a caique, join a caique forum and LISTEN to what they have to say.

    A mini mac and a senegal are like night and day. Senegals are more cat-like....they have very subtle body language and are independent. Upon reaching maturity, Senegals often become moody and aggressive during breeding season. They need a firm hand during this time. They also require very intense socialization to prevent a one-person bird (which all poicephalus are prone too)

    Senegals need boundaries set, and an understanding owner as they go though rough patches. They are very smart, and you can really see them thinking. But honestly...senegals are not birds for me. None of the poicephalus are, besides cape parrots. They are too hard to read, and often unpredictable.

    Hahns macaws are one of my favorites. I have both a senegal and a hahns and the Hahns is a better companion for ME. They can be extremely loud, and probably won't do well in an apartment. They are also prone to becoming one person birds, but not to the extent of a senegal. Early socialization will help. Hahns are very nippy and beaky, it seems to be a trait that all the mini macs share. You need to set good boundaries and teach what's okay and what's not. Hahns are also very smart. They are like a forever puppy, very active, playful, clownish, and easy to read. Once you get the hang of body language, they won't trick you like the African species will (like asking for pets and biting you as a game) Hahns *can* be cuddly, but it depends on the bird. Every hahns I have met was so loyal to their owner and was a true "velcro bird"

    But this is just my opinion. The best thing to do is to go out and meet both senegals and hahns, (make sure to meet adults) and see which one fits you best. And make sure you stick around and hear how loud a hahns can be. Good luck.

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    Hahns Macaw

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    I have both (I breed both, in fact) and I really LOVE them both.

    1. I couldn't say which one is more intelligent. This vary from birds to birds. Like you can't say Americans are more intelligent than Australians because some are smart and some are not. I'd say both are intelligent.

    2. The Hahn's Macaw. The Senegal is really independant. They don't seem affectionate in nature. Most of my Senegal wouldn't cuddle and hang around. Hahn's are VERY affectionate. They cuddle and talk to you in a soft voice. They are alos very cute!

    I think the Hahn's Macaw won. I suggest the Hahn's Macaw. Definitely fits those 2 points.

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    You are asking the wrong questions.

    If a bird is hand raised and hand fed it will LOVE you, no matter what species it is. That is the KEY to happiness with a bird - NOT what kind it is.

    I prefer macaws over a Senegal but now have African Greys.

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