What is the origin of the term "District of Columbia" for Washington?

Specifically, where does the term Columbia come from, why used for this region?

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    9 years ago
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    To distinguish it from the State of Washington. The capital is indicated by DC - the territry in which it sits.

    The District of Columbia it is not in any state as it independent, as befits the Federal capital. It was originally a part of the State of Maryland.

    Columbia is the poetic name for America. Columbia combines the stem Columb- based on the surname of the explorer Christopher Columbus and an ending -ia, common in Latin names of countries (e.g. Britannia "Britain", Gallia "Gaul"). The meaning is therefore "Land of Columbus."

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    As it says on the box. District=subnational region in the USA that's neither a state nor a territory and Columbia, a poetic name for the USA. Literally "Area of Columbus-land".

    *Added* The city of Washington and the District of Columbia was formed in 1790, while the state of Washington was admitted to the union in 1889, about a century after the District of Columbia was founded.

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