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Brown Headed Parrot vs. Senegal?

I am getting a new bird soon and considering either a brown-headed parrot or a senegal.

For people who have both,

Is one species more intelligent than the other?

Which one is more loyal to its person?

Which one is slower in getting used to things?

Which is cuddlier, affectionate and more lovable?

Which one would you recommend overall?

(I have heard that Brown-heads are more independent and don't want attention some times, and the senegal loves attention. Is this true?)

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    Those questions cannot be answered! Everything really depends on the specific bird. Some poicephalus parrots (the genus of brown heads and senegals) are sweet, some of them are timid, some of them like cuddling, some prefer to be on their own. It depends on the specific bird. I recommend going to your local pet store (or if you want to really save a life, a bird rescue agency) and spending quality time with the birds, getting to know individual personalities.

    Though I want to clear up a bit about brown heads. Brown header parrots are known to be a more quiet parrot, and yes, more independent. But remember, they are parrots after all. Quiet and independent for a parrot... is still VERY loud, demanding, and lovable! Even though they can stand being alone, brown heads love attention, and get very, very attached. You never really see them "not wanting" attention. Parrots need a lot of stimulation in order to be happy and healthy, and will want to be with you at all times.

    Also; about loyalty and affection--do realize that birds are living things, and wont head to your every whim. Birds usually bite because they don't want to be forced to do something. It is NEVER the bird's fault, the bird is never being 'mean'. I'm sure you know this as you seem very well informed on parrots, but it is supremely important. Never forget a bird has it's own individual feelings. It seems elementary, but believe me, sadly enough people forget this often. Poicephalus parrots can be the most caring, most loving companions, but only with an understanding human companion. :)

    In short, it all depends on the individual bird, and the human who cares for them. I hope you have a great life with your new bird, both species are lovely and will change your life!

    Source(s): Having a brown headed parrot, familiar with senegals and parrots in general
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    Brown Headed Parrot

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