what do you think of these baby names .?

for a boy: Boone Warren or Charlie Jackson

for a girl: Xavia Allie-Anna or Victoria (I haven't thought of the middle name yet if you have some love to hear them)

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think Boone Warren is overkill w/the surnames. I love surnames as first but i try to limit it to either the first name or the middle and not both.

    so Boone would work as a first or middle w/a proper first or middle such as:

    Boone Caleb


    Caleb Boone

    something like that.

    Charlie Jackson is cute, but i prefer Charles as a proper name and Charlie as a nickname.

    Xavia i'm not that keen on. Allie-Anna sound strange, i dont care for hyphenated names and the double A seems corny.

    Victoria Carys

    Victoria Elaine

    Victoria Simone

    Victoria Brianne

    Victoria Cecily

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  • 9 years ago

    Charlie Jackson are both cute names but i don't think id put them together.

    Victoria is cute and for a middle name i like:

    Victoria Anne

    Victoria Marie

    Victoria Clarie

    Victoria Lyn

  • Charilie Jackson is 2 mess up superstars Chraile sean and Michele Jackson

    Victoria is nice

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