Hey, how would you like introduce a quotation in a essay?

without saying the characters name or the authors please help:). what would be something interesting i wrote my topic sentence now i am going to add my quotation but need a interesting way to introduce the quote.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you could find a way to embed the quote in the actual sentence . . . for example: Man is often seen as the main cause of many of the environmental problems of the world, " whether it be simply driving to work or mowing the lawn everyday acts contribute to the increased greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere".

    I feel like I need a better idea of what you're writing about though. I would also recommend that you do include the author or characters name, it makes for greater clarity. You can never go wrong with a simple topic sentence! Follow it by: in the novel/book/film "TITLE HERE" the author presents XYZABC.

    Depending on the type of essay you are writing the main point should be to narrow your focus throughout, think " \ / " with the very top of the V being the most general point and the last sentence focusing your argument.

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