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Again -- No snow green grass above freezing no frost migratory Geese didn't leave winters GLOBAL WARMING?


Winters now plural

No snow -- not brown grass but green

The building code states 4 feet is the minimum as that is the set frost line in this area -- and the frost has yet to make it a half inch into the ground for years now

Canada Geese more or less stopped migrating years ago --

So global warming ?

If not how do you explain massive long term not so slow change

Update 2:


HELLO -- Canadian Geese Canada -- Jan -- middle of winter -- Living happily again through another winter on Lake Ontario -- They no longer fly a V formation to even practice any longer

I can remember them starting in Sept -- just practicing formations to make the trip

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    Not global warming and I live on a southwest flyway for migratory waterfowl. We've seen tons of them heading south the same as every other year for the past 30 years.

    Nice try at the spin.

    NO sale.

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    How do you explain it being 50 degrees for the record here in Wisconsin in 1880? Where were the global warming idiots back then?

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