how to take a good care of Areca Palm?

and how to get rid of those tiny white things in the soil (without spray)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Are those tiny white things insects or are they part of the soil or fertilizer balls? if they are fuzzy ...maybe mealy bugs.....and not what you want! Chemicals would be the only way. The rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs does nothing for those critters under the soil.

    Arecas are pretty good plants. Given bright, but no !!! direct light, they do quite well. Watering is keep the soil moist, not sodden and never let the pot sit in water in the saucer below. Insect problems were mainly red spider mites which can be controlled through regular use of soapy water sprays. Don't spray unless necessary.

    If your water is salty, high minerals, you'll get brown tips. So of course if you have a water softener on the water line, take your water before it enters the softener.....or you could save rain water to water the plants........if you are obsessive.

    Not fast growers.

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