in a college vet tech program...?

i am currently a college student in a vet tech program. when i was a little kid growing up on a farm i knew i wanted to work with animals. i thought i wanted to be a vet. when i got to high school i realized the amount of money, years, and extremely hard work is put into becoming a vet so i changed my mind to becoming a vet tech. i was so happy when i got accepted and was eager but nervous to come to college. now that im in and ive done one semester, im really doubting this whole thing. i used to be so passionate about it and the way this course is run makes me lose confidence in myself and my ability to succeed. i failed 2 classes already but can do a retest to pass the courses. im not sure what else i would want to do but at the rate i am going i cant see myself in this program much longer. i have looked over my schedule for the semester and all i want to do is cry because i just get so overwhelmed.

i dont want to let anyone down by not completing the course. i dont want to let my parents down. i know they would be disappointed if i didnt complete the course.

what should i do?


and for everyones sake, dont just tell me to get off here and hit the books. because honestly, id probably rip my books clean in half with the mental state im in at the moment haha

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  • 9 years ago
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    Conan O' Brien said it best:

    "Many of you here today are getting your diploma at this Ivy League school because you have committed yourself to a dream and worked hard to achieve it. And there is no greater cliché in a commencement address than "follow your dream." Well I am here to tell you that whatever you think your dream is now, it will probably change. And that's okay. Four years ago, many of you had a specific vision of what your college experience was going to be and who you were going to become. And I bet, today, most of you would admit that your time here was very different from what you imagined. Your roommates changed, your major changed, for some of you your sexual orientation changed. I bet some of you have changed your sexual orientation since I began this speech. I know I have. But through the good and especially the bad, the person you are now is someone you could never have conjured in the fall of 2007."

    -Dartmouth Commencement Speech 2011

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