International phone call options and questions?

I am traveling to Mexico in two weeks. I have been trying to figure out my options for calling home to speak with my daughter while I am away. My phone provider (Sprint) has been less than helpful, so I have turned to you! I have several questions, if you can answer any or all of them, that would be very helpful!

*Sprint has informed me that I CAN use my phone in Mexico, I would need to add an International Plan to my phone which is very pricey. So I have a few options:

1. Add the International plan to my phone

2. Use a calling card

3. Buy a cheap pre-paid phone once I get there

4. Other suggestions? I have been told that some form of google chat might work?

*Calling card option: Would I use the calling card from my cell phone? Then do the International rates still apply to my phone bill? Would I use it from my hotel room? If so, how much on average does that cost? Do I attempt to find a pay phone? How inconvenient!

If there are other options that I am overlooking, please grace me with your knowledge! I probably seem like I am over thinking this, but I need to be able to talk to my daughter while I am gone :) Thanks!!

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  • fieger
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    it would not remember your cutting-edge telephone service in case you go distant places. make useful you call sprint to have your telephone unlocked before you go away so that you'll change the sim card and positioned it on your Palm Centro. Any adapter will do (only no longer a voltage converter!) i ought to point he purchases a telephone card (you'll stumble on them at gasoline stations, convenience shops, etc) even as he calls. That way, he received't get charged with international charges because that he will be calling an section wide style on the phone card. and if he needs to deliver texts, they do fee more desirable cents (no longer useful precisely how a lot, contact sprint).

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

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