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Preparation of Space Travel?

I have an assignment to explain preparation for a long space flight.

How would one prepare for air, water, and food supply.

The space travel is approx. 7000ly away, to the Eagle Nebula.

Realistically, it's impossible, but is there any concepts on maintaining air,water and food?

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    You'll need a generation ship - one that can be self-sustaining... so, assuming you have a way to power the craft for the many thousands of years it'll take to travel that distance, you'll need:

    1. Food:

    You'll need to grow your own food, and possibly take animals with you to eat. The waste from food (and their bodies after they die) will necessarily need to be used to supply nutrients back into the soil to grow new plants. You'll need a way to cleanse/reuse urine as the water you take with you is *all* you're going ot have.

    2. Oxygen:

    How much you take with you (and, how much you'll need to produce) is directly dependent on the number of travelers going - including any animals. You'll need plants to convert CO2 into oxygen - oxygen generators and air scrubbers can also be used - but you'd need millions over the course of the mission... plants make better sense; dead plants become nutrients for live ones, and their products can be eaten by the travelers.

    3. Power:

    You'll need a nuclear source of some kind... fusion makes the most sense (it's beyond our reach right now, however...) You can use Busard collectors to trap hydrogen gas in space to use for this fuel. That means you can take less fuel with you, (slightly) lightening your load. Hydrogen can also be used in the fusion reaction to propel the ship.

    4. You'll need a *huge* ship, to support the amount of growing space needed for plants, and cleansing area / soil distribution for waste products.

    5. Spare parts -

    You'll need some big places to take the parts that might wear out on the trip. You need to account for meteor impacts, moving parts that will wear down, and electrical components that will eventually break down due to radiation encountered in space.

    Overall, you'll need to maintain your population very carefully. The minimum number of people needed to operate the ship, while plants produce oxygen for breathing. A couple of nice things about this - you can control the amount of light the plants are receiving, and also the amount of CO2 in the air for them to respire. People will be dying on this trip; unfortunately, you can't simply bury them... you'll need to return the nutrients in their bodies to the soil, so plants can continue to grow. Same with animals.

    It might be a kind of paradise.... or a kind of prison.

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    You should look into the Biosphere projects and NIF laser research because you would have to have a sun for your spaceships bio sphere (which is basically a big green house)

    If your space ship had these two components and they actually worked you might live for a ways, but 7000 ly? At sub relative speeds that would take generations for your people to get there (the people who left would spend their entire lives taking care of the plants and what ever and their great great grandchildren would get there.)

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    I don't think we can travel 7,000 Light years using the old fossil fuel engine we have now.

    It would take millions of years.

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