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Help with an essay please?

i have to do an essay about the gulf of mexico and the oil spill, and i have no place to start off from, let alone the body and conclusion.

Please any help?

Ideas would be greatly appreciated


@lara: Thanks, that's a great way to plan my ideas :)

is it that big of a shocker that im doing homework on a friday? :P

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    You cans start by doing some research on the spill, its effects on the environment, ecology and the economy of the Gulf states. Then you can decide what you may want to focus upon. You could discuss BP's response. Was it sufficient? Was it helpful to the affected areas? You could discuss the impact on the fishing and shrimping industries. You could discuss the clean up efforts, the difficulties and the effectiveness of the clean up efforts. You could discuss the impact on the economy or the fragile ecosystems of the gulf coast. Look at your research, find a topic that interests you and focus in on that specifically. Do some more specific research and then you should have an idea what you want to write. Below are some links that provide information on the spill, good luck!

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    Create a web to help you outline your ideas. Draw a circle and write Gulf Oil Spill. Then, draw three lines to three different bubbles. These are your body paragraphs. These are where you will write the main ideas for each of the body paragraphs. Think about the oil spill and all of the things it affected: 1) animals, 2) people's loss of jobs, 3) increase in cost of gas, 4) ethical issues to maintain safety for enviornment, etc. Pick 2 or 3 to enter into the bubbles. For each main idea, write down 3-5 details about that idea. For example, the oil spill contaminated the water, killing many of the fish that lived there. The oil also washed up on the shore, killing animals on land, etc. The intro and conculsion are easy. In the intro, you write what you will be talking about. . . . in an interesting way, so that people want to read your work. And, in the end, you restate your main ideas and suggest why your words matter. You're doing homework on a Friday? Good for you! Good luck!

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    Gulf of Mexico oil spill lawyer fees opposed by Justice Department

    Hope you get an A++

    Source(s): and or I copied GULF OF MEXICO OIL SPILL and binged it and this is what I got.
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    Start by researching BP and what they did to handle it, try to balance talking about the gulf history and the oil spill

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    you could start it off by saying like for example

    '' it was September 12 2010 when the oil spill happened in mexico"

    although its false info you fill in the real dates and stuff

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    Start with there agriculture and the economy

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    is it about pollution and stuff? if soo then you can sayy

    "pollution plays a key role in planet. There are many factors that affect pollution such...."

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