How would I say this in Spanish?

How would I say the paragraph below in Spanish? NO GOOGLE TRANSLATIONS, as google's translation does not make sense (as it rarely does). I am looking for a native spanish speaker to translate this into an intelligent sounding argument in spanish, thanks!!

So, by your own logic, I am also a person you know from the internet and also a person you have never met. Therefore the words you say to me also have no meaning. Even though I know this is not what you're saying, I can't help but think this is reality now. And this is interesting information for me to think about, thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    entonces por tu propia lógica, yo soy una persona que conoces de la internet y también una persona a la cual jamas conocerás en persona. Por lo tanto las palabras que expresas no tienen sentido. Aunque se que esto no es lo que estas diciendo, no puedo evitar pensar que esta es la realidad de ahora. Y esta es una interesante información en la cual estare pensando. Gracias!

    i'm colombian

    soy colombiano

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