growing careers in canada?

so careers that are in more demand or will be?

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    The most demanding jobs in Canada are as followed:

    1) Science and Engineering

    Canada’s move to a high tech economy with a strong research background will be evident in the many engineering and science jobs available. Consider:

    a) Food and Household Sciences (Dietetics)

    b) Mechanical/Electrical/Chemical/Civil Engineering

    2) Heath and Caring

    With people living longer than ever, the need for health care continues to grow.

    Check out careers in:

    a) Rehabilitation Medicine

    b) Basic Medical Sciences

    c) Medical/Surgical Specialties

    d) Nursing

    e) Psychology

    f) Social Work/Welfare

    g) Medicine (MD)/Pharmacy

    h) Dentistry/Dental Hygiene/Assistant Technologies

    i) Nursing Aide/Orderly

    j) Health Technologies/Health

    k) Medical Laboratory Technologies

    l) Radiography, Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine Technologies

    3) Legal

    An aging workforce, coupled with a decrease in law school enrollments, will boost demand for legal professionals.

    No matter what career you choose, be sure to pick one that will allow you some personal motivation. While it’s possible to have a successful career you only like, it’s a lot harder to succeed if you can’t stand it. Avoid burnout by seeking professional and personal balance in your life. Of course, it never hurts to work in an in-demand field, if the stability and income potential helps round out the rest of your life.

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