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Pakistani's: what is your view on Sheikh Imran Hosein after he said PAKISTAN WILL FALL?


@panterlake. i don't agree with some his views on the hadiths either. but he is pretty accurate when he predicts the future.

Update 2:

@islam don't think that i want this to happen. i don't. but i honestly believe that if israel wants to become a great empire, it'll have to destroy us in every way possible. she is just using america to get what it wants. -that is my opinion and i respect yours

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    I dont listen to this sheikh anymore, he takes hadiths out of context,

    Edit: I dont hope a muslim country to fall, I hope for all of the corrupted leaders to fall like in saudi arabia royal king garbage,

    @Green[ Boycott enemies of Islam:

    astaghfirullah, please dont say you are slave of prophet mohammad(peace be upon him),

    I am a slave of Allah, just like prophet mohammad(peace be upon him),

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    Sheik Imran Hosein

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    What Shaikh Imran is doing is basing conclusions from observing

    what is going around. But Allah's will prevail and the designs of

    enemies of Allah will be thwarted. Even Americans contend that

    when they failed to handle 35 million Iraqis and 20 Million Afghans,

    how on earth they can defeat 180 million Pakistanis.

    Some living sets of Islam, such as Syed Sarfraz Ahmad Shah,

    Pakistan will in shaa Allah rise to a high position in the comity

    of nations.

    Once I heard an American predication that there was no Pakistan

    in the map of 2020. Since some of our generals and politicians

    have sold their conscience to USA, I became worried. But when

    I went to masjid to pray Friday prayers, the Imam recited this

    Ayat and my worries vanished in no time:

    61:8 Their intention is to extinguish Allah's Light (by blowing)

    with their mouths: But Allah will complete His Light, even

    though the Unbelievers may detest (it).

    Pakistan shall in shaa Allah defeat Israel and liberate occupied

    land of Palestinians.

    Muhammad Javed Iqbal

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    Too long a video to watch, but he is one man with his own opinion.

    I think the future is in Allah (swt)'s hands, and only He knows what will happen. What He says goes, not what "Imran Hosein" says.

    Insha'allah, Pakistan will not fall. These kind of statements were made decades ago as well, yet Pakistan is still standing and improving the condition of the country day by day. & Insha'allah, Imran Khan will be elected, and that'll be a great step for Pakistan.

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    He's just giving subjective opinions with no facts or reason. If I recall, predictions or assuming one's future is haram. Only Allah(SWT) what will happen, We can pray for Peace and Best, InshALLAH.


  • Aslam-o-Alikum,

    How are you? I did not watch the whole video but I watched some of it and he NEVER said "Pakistan WILL FAIL" he said 'IF" Pakistan fail it would be because of USA and Israel and India..get our facts straight...

    Source(s): Worshiper of Allah Slave of Mohammad (S.A.W)
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    who is this sheikh, never heard.

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