Family of 4 traveling to Ireland.?

Hi. This coming June we are traveling to Ireland, starting in Dublin and working our way around the country. How much money do you think we would need to have available to make it comfortable? It will be 2 adults and 2 children(8&10). Our accommodation is already paid for so is our flights and rented car. We will be staying with friends and family over there too. I was thinking about e150 a day, this to much or to little, any ideas? Thanks


I am only planning on staying in Dublin for 2 days, the day we fly in and the day before we fly back out. We will be stopping in Meath, Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Galway, Clare, Limerick and then on to Kerry before heading back to Dublin. Basically it will be an 11 day trip as the first and 2 last days will be just relaxing and things like that.

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    9 years ago
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    You'll need more like €225 per day, given that there are four of you, and the cost of petrol has gone up, and that the major sites are so expensive.

    A point about having a car in Dublin city - it's NOT a good idea. Parking is difficult to find and expensive, traffic is heavy and you'd spend ages in it trying to get to places. Wait until you're all ready to leave Dublin city to pick up your car. Use the public transport system to get around, the LUAS in particular is great to get you across the city, and the DART is great to get you to places near the eastern half of the city.

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    9 years ago

    You really cannot do all that travelling "Dublin, Meath, Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Galway, Clare, Limerick and then on to Kerry before heading back to Dublin". That is 10 destinations in 11 days! Do you realise how long it actually takes to travel from one place to another? The distances involved? You will come all the way to Ireland & see nothing.

    Staying for just 1 night in each place will be exhausting, you will spend the whole time meeting/greeting your friends & family (believe me you will spend 2 hours a night just talking), unpacking, packing the next day & driving to your next destination. Your kids will be totally bored because there will be no time to visit places & do stuff they want to do.

    Choose just 2-3 "must see" destinations for an 11 day holiday & you might have a hope of seeing some of the country. Dublin (unless you can head straight out the city), Donegal, Galway, Kerry would be plenty for the time you have.

    You need to work on 100 Euro per day per adult if accommodation is not paid for, the fact you are not paying for accommodation you can deduct maybe 30 Euro per day per adult but fuel costs have just gone up by 7% this month & you cannot arrive at your friends/relatives empty handed, you must buy a gift of some sort. When you factor this in you are looking at probably 200-250 per day.

    Source(s): I live in Co. Cork
  • 9 years ago

    You really are biting off a little much in 11 days, two adults would be beat up on that schedule and your children might hate you for putting them through it. I would definitely reconsider your itinerary. When I go back I usually spend the first and last day in Dublin. Do not rent a car for use in Dublin, rentals are expensive and it will spend two days parked if you can find parking. I usually go directly to Donegal from Dub, about three and a half hour drive non stop. I would recomend you spend at least a few nights at each destination for the childrens sake. From Donegal to Clare is about five and a half hours and a further two and a half at least to Kerry, and then seven to eight back to Dublin. If you have a lot of luggage, consider your car choice carefully, a mid sized car there is more like a compact in the states. Gas prices are really high, approx six dollars per U.S. gallon but their cars are surprisingly economical to run. A reasonable budget for lunch for your family would be 40 euro, dinner 80 euro. Depending on what arrangements you have made with your friends, you might be well covered at 150 but, it wont leave you with much breathing room. Your debit and credit cards will work there, pre advise your bank of your travel plans. This way you wont need to carry a lot of cash and you wont be stuck. If you limit your itinerary you could indeed have a great trip and stay inside your budget, stay away from the tourist traps.

    Source(s): I go therethree times a year at least lol
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    9 years ago

    I know you have your lodgings payed for but i would strongly suggest you visit county wicklow.. the sally gap is beautiful and so is glendalough... its truely beautiful!!.. its just under dublin. Regarding your question of how much youd need per day, I imagine that 150 would be fine but to be honest i would bump that up to 200 euro to be absolutely sure you arent stuck. I mean you only have to pay for petrol/diesel and food really so it should be fine but Dublin is quite expesnive for food/drink etc... but considering you wont be there for long it shouldnt matter too much. Either way i wouldnt budget too strictly on the 150, allow for for more. Also id agree that 10 destinations in 11 days is too much.. really id only plan on seeing dublin, wicklow, kerry and galway OR donegal. honestly during the summer my bf and i went to kerry for a weekend and we did the ring of kerry etc and we saw the bare minimum.. also unless you know someone in leitrim, meath and limerick trust me when i tell you there is really nothing in anyway special to see and especially not to spend money on... you will regret it. lol rant over!

    Hope you have a fantastic trip to ireland what ever you decide!


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  • 9 years ago

    150 a day wont be enough for all four of you, it will barley cover your petrol. Ireland is very expensive especially Dublin, it also depends on what you want to do while your here. I would aim for 300+ a day if you don't want to be stuck for cash.

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    mattress and Breakfast places would be fairly priced. We stayed in them whilst we've been there, and that they have been clean, delicate, and the host households have been friendly and had good techniques on what to be certain and do. a number of them have kin rooms that sleep a number of human beings. look on line - google eire mattress and Breakfast, or touch the Irish vacationer bureau. warning - we've been there interior the mid to previous due fall, and a number of of alternative of the b&b's have been closed - curiously some are open purely interior the summertime.

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