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What happened to Pakistan and America's alliance?

What happened between Pakistan and America? Were the two countries not allies 20 years ago? But now they are hostile towards each other, why is that?

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    That's because the alliance was formed based on a number of promises. America wanted Pakistan's help in Afghanistan. It was given. America wanted Pakistan to start this phony "War on Terror" due to which for the first time there have been suicide bombings in Pakistan. Instead of telling America to go back home, we started fighting our own people for them. Yet here they come faking Bin Laden's death and killing thousands of people with drone strikes. Do you think this alliance could work out when one side is breaking all the promises ? Pakistan has sacrificed more than 40,000 people for this so-called "War-On-Terror" yet America continues to bomb Pakistani territory blowing up households every single day killing men, women, children. You be the judge.

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    The opium trade can cause the absolute bestest of friends to fall out, sometimes.

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