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Why does Canadian URLs end with ".ca"?

I know it is because it stands for Canada but the UK goes and and, etc.

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    .ca is the country domain name used for Canada. It's just the way the domain name has been created for Canada.

    NZ uses (as I'm from NZ).

    Australia uses

    India uses .in and Italy uses .it for example

    So as you can, there is no real consistently unfortunately.

    Some uses .co.xxxxx and some uses .com.xxxx and some just uses .ca

    All Internet domain suffixes or Top-Level Domains (TLD) and their associated locations have to be approved by ICANN. A full list is here: or here:


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    Like eDDy said, .co stands for company but in Canada, sites usually just use .com for that. .ca is usually used when the .com is taken or the site wants to specify that it's Canadian, like how is differentiated from the other amazons. There are rules about who can use a .ca - listed on this wikipedia page:

    So the real question is, why is it instead of just It seems the organization in charge of .uk doesn't allow it. I don't know why but I would guess it's so sites are identified for the type they are - for companies, for non-profit organizations, etc. (There are some .uk sites that were set-up before the rule though.)

    The Canadian Internet Registration Authority doesn't have this rule so just plain .ca is allowed.

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    co = co-operation/company

    so Uk has other urls too like , etc

    same goes with austrilia(au) and nz(new zealand).

    its just how they categorize domains. and its upto the owner what he wants to buy. Im sitting in Malaysia but I can buy domain for my company if I want. Just an idea to make ppl think that im from Uk. lol

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    There is no - its is

    Your talking about country codes in the suffix but haven't you answered your own question.

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    "do" not "does"

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