Eating (Eggs) Before Heavy Drinking?

Preface: Before you all go shunning me and think I'm the anti-christ, I don't drink very often, or do so in moderation, I live an extremely healthy, stimulating lifestyle on all other days, & I am only drinking this one night as it is a special occasion. Also, I have adjusted my caloric needs to accommodate for the drinking.

Okay, :) now that that's sorted..

Tomorrow night I will be drinking about 8.4 standard drinks worth of wine and possible some shots.

So about 9 standard drinks. Yes, the plan is to be drunk. I'm going out clubbing & clubbing is no fun sober. (Trust me!)

I'm female, 5"5, 140 lbs.

I plan to eat 4 eggs and a slice of rye toast about an hour before commencing drinking. I would not have eaten solid food since about 9 hours prior, since I will be at work all day.

The plan is for the eggs (protein) and bread (absorbing) to fill me up so that I am less tempted to indulge in fast food while out. But, Is 4 eggs excessive?

Will this amount of food prevent me from getting as drunk as I would like?

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    9 years ago
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    Thats actually a good idea buuuuuut.... If your planning on drinking alot you should keep eating lil things while you drink and drink water.... obvious sh*t, just saying. My friend use to drink hella milk before we drank and he never got sick once and was always the first one up the next day drinking, but i hate milk so i never tried it.... who knows

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  • 9 years ago

    Actually, it doesn't really matter what you eat before drinking, it is simply important that you do, indeed, eat something. Dumping alcohol into an empty stomach is a recipe for nearly instant inebriation. When you are hungry, your body is looking very closely at your stomach for some relief. It will 'glom on' to anything that is there hoping for help. Many times when you are hungry, stomach contents will move directly from the stomach into the small intestine without waiting around for any length of time. Did you ever have to pass gas while eating? This is because your intestines were being charged with food from the stomach while still eating. Although alcohol in absorbed into the small intestine much faster than in the stomach directly, on a severely empty stomach like yours the alcohol may pass immediately through the stomach wall and into the bloodstream hitting the brain almost instantly. I might add that it is not the best idea to go out with the intention of getting sloppy drunk. If you are drinking and happen to get tipsy or worse, it is better than going out with the intention of getting 'three sheets to the wind' before you even do anything. Also think about why you must be drunk before doing things like this. Are you shy? Feel inadequate? Need a social lubricant? Drinking in moderation is always the better bet. Unless you are an addict like me.

    Source(s): I am a 26 year recovering alcoholic.
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  • 9 years ago

    I know eggs and toast bread are good for hangovers... but what u wana do sounds like a great idea.... im gonna try it next time I drink....

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