LGBT do you hate how homophobic el machismo is ?

Machista macho guys are usually almost always very homophobic.

El machismo is widespread in Latin America, if you've ever watched any telenovelas ( soap operas ) from Telemundo a huge TV Network in the USA aimed at hispanic spanish speaking people, most guys that appear in those telenovelas are macho machista guys very patriarchal and don't treat women with equality, I guess it's no wonder as to why there's so much homophobia in Latin America.

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    9 years ago
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    50 years ago the U.S. was the same.

    Don't expect every nation on earth to be at the same level of acceptance. It takes time.

    BUT it has a lot of countries that have legalised gay marriage: Uruguay (2008), Ecuador (2008), Colombia (2009), Brazil (since 2004) and Argentina.

    So they are not THAT far behind.

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