Can't upload my Yahoo Messenger archive.. help??!?

I just updated to the latest version of Yahoo Messenger, and it has this REALLY useful feature that it uploads all the YM conversations you have stored on your computer over the years from previous versions, online - converting them into a searchable format in the process. I'd very much like to be able to take advantage of this feature, but when it tries to do it, it stops and a generic "We encountered a problem - better luck next time!!" message pops up.... no hints as to how to get around the impasse at all!! I've checked the files in question and they are all in .DAT format so that's not the problem. Anyone have any ideas? Is there a way to manually upload them? Is there a way to decode them in batch lots instead of one at a time, so that i can have them all on my own computer in a searchable format? ANY suggestions will be welcomed!!

Thanks in anticipation: i appreciate your time and expertise.

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    Okay, the default setting for saving ones messages is ON, but it can be changed by going into Preferences, do you remember doing that?

    Also, in order for the messages to be saved, the person HAS to be on your Contact List, if they're not, that particular message will not be saved.

    I'm guessing that when you tried to bring up your archives, you clicked Contacts on the Messenger toolbar, scrolled to Message Archive and clicked, right?

    When I do that, I get all of my messages extending 6 years back. YOu might want to check and see if your settings are correct.

    Messenger>> Preferences>> Archive and make sure the TOP circle is ticked, because the second circle saves the messages, but only until you sign out at which point they're deleted.

    Finally, I've heard over the years that our messages can be found on the C Drive, if that's any help to you.


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