Yoko Ono: Your favourite song by her?

I heard this song on Rage yesterday morning, and I thought it was alright.

Walking on Thin Ice


So knowing virtually nothing else about her music, could you recommend a song by her for me please?

BQ. Your thoughts on Yoko Ono in general?

*Best answer award based 90% on the most interesting song according to me, and 10% on BQ.

*One song only please.

*Links appreciated.


Hi Motel Mindy.

That's fine, enjoy your two points.

Update 2:

Hi Matthew.

You make some fine points in your BA, especially in your first paragraph. I was thinking along those lines too. Thank you for your answer.

Update 3:

Hi Laura.

Well, I respect what you say. However, after her performance there, there seemed to be quite some applause. So perhaps in context of what she was doing there it may make better sense. At the very least, you would agree she is a brave woman if nothing else.

Update 4:

Hi Smith.

I think you may have summed it up with your opening comment. Thank you for actually linking a song. I have actually heard this one before, and it's not too bad. Oh, nice, some album recommendations. I will definately check them out. Thank you for a great answer.

Update 5:

Hi ✿Donna❀

Nice to see a beatles fan who is positive on her. The fact that you've met her lends a great deal of weight to your answer. I'm Moving On is actually a very nice song. Yeah, I see why you say that, John Lennon did say that he thought Rock Lobster was influenced by Yoko's voice. It's a nice and positive BA, and thank you for a great answer.

Update 6:

Hi Paul.

Thanks for your answer. I would love to know what your referring to here, Can you provide a link or some more information please?

Update 7:

Hi Matt Smith.

Thank you for answering. It's nice to see some positive comments coming through on the music.

Update 8:

Hi Mark! A very good morning to you too.

"Yes. I'm a Witch". What a great title, and the song itself was great, and when one considers her situation back then, it shows a good sense of humour I think,

Yes, bring on the Lips! What a song for them to cover :) Omg, haha. They've really done an amazing job on that one. I'm looking forward to listening to more songs from that project now. The Jason Pierce version was ok, but I feel some of the mood of the original is lost. Nice BA, and a great answer. Thanks Mark.

Update 9:

Hi Music Man.

I knew from the outset this question would attract some fairly polar responses. I understand and respect your opinion on this, and I do find myself enjoying the opinions either way. More so though, I am enjoying finding out more about her and her music. Thank you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    She still has so many haters, and I have a strong suspicion most of them have never actually listened to any of her work. Anyway:


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    BQ: I like her a lot. Approximately Infinite Universe and Fly are both great albums, the former being probably her most accessible album and the latter being the best of her more avant garde stuff.

  • mark j
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    9 years ago

    A very good morning to you, Amy :)

    I can't say i'm a mad fan of Yoko Ono but i do respect her attitude in doing what she wants to, without pandering to anyone. She released a remix project in 2007, with other artists of her choosing, of some of her work called ''Yes, I'm A Witch'' which i enjoy. Each band were able to choose the vocal track to any song from her back catalogue and build a new tune around it.

    Cambridge 1969/2007 - Yoko Ono Ft The Flaming Lips (yes, i'm bringing it back to them again)


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    And here's the version of the track you posted, with Jason Pierce from Spiritualized and Spacemen 3. I know you said only post one song, so take the first one as the official answer.

    Walking On Thin Ice


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    BQ: As i said previously, i respect her and what she does.

  • 9 years ago

    "I'm Moving On" from the Double Fantasy album. While I understand Ms. Ono's music is often dismissed and often mocked, I like most of it. Some it reminds me of the B-52's during their "Rock Lobster" era. I also think a few of her tunes, especially "Walking On Thin Ice" make great dance tracks when re-mixed. BQ: I like her as a person. She's faced a lot of hate and ridicule from critics and Beatles fans too... Yet she's always been gracious, and polite, even to those that are not so nice to her. I've met her twice. Both times she was very warm and friendly.

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    walking On skinny Ice is a foul cover of a Nana Mouskouri music. I hate Yoko Ono's "music", she sounds like a strangled cat plus she thoroughly ruined any John Lennon music she replaced into in touch in. grotesque previous witch.

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  • 9 years ago

    I'm not particularly fond with her music, but as a diehard Beatles fan, I'll answer your BQ......

    She was...odd. Thats how nearly everyone described her. I wont blame her entirely on the breakup of the Beatles, since there were so many different reasons why they couldn't stand each other by 1969.

    I have no beef against her music or her personally, and I personally think people should get off her case because she is always falsely accused of being the sole reason the Beatles didn't last longer. Though I do think it was pretentious how she tried to wedge herself in the Beatle's (specifically, John's) affairs.

  • Silence is golden when it comes to her. I would rather listen to chalk screeching across a blackboard.

    BQ - I really haven't been able to like Yoko - and I can't for the life of me see what John saw in her.

  • 9 years ago

    Not sure about her songs but after seeing the toasts George Harrison was consuming after their recording in their big mansion (that's in the DVD), fine dining is simply out of the question.

  • 9 years ago

    yea i bought a tape of yokos while back it was ok and good some of music she sounds japanese and she ends the last cut singing bout children of the world

  • 9 years ago

    BQ:NON!!The only reason she is known is becasue of john lennon! and she is a terrible singer, very overrated. but i guess when yoko ono screams random sh*t into the mic its automatically considered art

    i mean wtf is this sounds like shes getting raped,


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