Making a superhero character...costume questions?

I am making a superhero...I don't necessarily want the spandex with armour look...not ruled out but exploring possibilities...anyway, what can I do to make him appear as a symbol of hope to citizens and justice to criminals how do I do that without dressing in a morph-suit :P Also any ideas for the suit would be nice the character is bird-themed and red/black colour scheme...

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    He wouldn't necessarily have to have an actual costume in the tradition sense, he could wear a shirt and jeans and could still be seen as a hero. But those colors aren't exactly something the rings hope.

    If you do want an actual superhero look try a helmet with that gives him more of a bird look (match it with the type of wings you use). For the body suit, make be some kind of new armor that is as light as just a plain costume, with marking similar to whatever bird you base his powers upon on him. And of course you will probably want built in claws/talons on the hands. Just keep sketching it out until you get something you're happy with, you'll eventually find something you're satisfied with.

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    It also depends on your hero himself. For instance, Superboy wears jeans and a t-shirt. Do you want a cape? Gloves? long sleeves or short? A mask? You could have the logo on him chest. I don't really know what else to suggest.

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