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Homicide in Canada and the United States:?

Homicide in Canada and the United States: What are the differences? What are the similarities?

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    The United States' homicide rate is 4.8 per 100,000. Canada is 1.6 per 100,000.

    There are several reasons for this.

    1. Gun control. While Canada does have more firearms per capita than the United States, it does limit the types of weapons, size of clips, and impose higher safety standards. All concealed weapons are illegal. Handguns are prohibited, rifles require a safety course, ammunition must be stored separately, weapons must by kept locked, etc. This means far fewer accidental deaths, murders, children accessing firearms, etc.

    2. Drug usage rates. Canada has about half the rate of hard-core drug usage. This means fewer drug shotting, less gangs, etc.

    3. Demographics. Canada has far fewer large cities in which large gangs can operate. Realistically you only have Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal with populations over 1.5 million. It is hard for large scale gangs to operate in smaller areas. People will turn you in, police have an easier time tracking you down, etc.

    4. Social/economic conditions. There are few high-crime areas in Canada. You don't normally get insanely poor people in Canada. Social programs, higher education rates, subsidized post-secondary education, community programs, etc. limit the number of "ghetos", unemployed, and those who need to use crime to survive.

    5. Immigration. Canada has less than 60,000 estimated illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants go through background tests. In the United States something like 12 million are illegal. This leads to a culture of people who won't talk to the police, who are easily victimized, or who can't find legal work.

    6. Because the homicide (and general violent crime) rates are lower, police in Canada have more resources they can spend on tracking down criminals. There are few places where the police won't immediate arrive in numbers immediately, where drive-by shootings don't make the front page, and where law enforcement won't spend considerable time and effort tracking people down.

    7. Lower incarceration rates. You don't have as many non-violent people jailed (on mainly drug charges) leaving prison as violent thugs.

    8. Canadians don't feel any "right" to own firearms, they don't fear their government, and do not have a history and culture of gun use or violence.

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    Canada has a lot less people than the USA does. BUT even that fact ( Canada has 34 million population while the USA has OVER three hundred million people) does not account for the much lower number of murders in Canada, per year.

    Some factors to take into consideration.

    Canada has very strict gun control laws. NO ONE in Canada has a "right to be armed " so having a rifle or shotgun requires a long and complex series of Police background checks, safety training, hunting licenses, and safe storage and handling laws. Any person who wants to get a rifle or shotgun, is looking at least a 6 month waiting period, and if any family member objects, or the person has any type of criminal violence , on their record, they don't get a licence. Home visits by the local Police are standard , and so are spot checks, after a licence is issued.

    A second consideration. Hand guns are all most impossible to have in Canada, legally. No one can carry a hand gun around. Not legally at least. Even our Police officers are NOT armed, when off duty. They lock their issue hand gun in a individual locker, at the station when they finish work. That is a good way to avoid "cop on cop "shootings.

    Canada has never had the kind of "gun culture " that the USA has. And, we LIKE it that way.

    To the numbers.

    One city in the USA, say Chicago, has more murders than ALL OF CANADA, in year. Toronto, which is where I live, has about the same population as Chicago, BUT we only have 40 to 50 murders a year, in the biggest city in Canada. Chicago has 400 or more, a year. We also have much higher rate of "murders solved " than in the USA.

    Take the case of Peel Regional Police, who cover the region to the west of Toronto, with a population of 750,000 people. For the past three years they have a 100 percent rate of cases solved and convictions obtained. Their rate is about 30 murders a year. What US Police force can match that ?

    Why the difference in success rates? Canadian Police have better funding, better resources and more fully trained investigators. Peel Regional has a full team that comprises over 30 officers. from all of the department's units, from traffic to gangs, and forensic specialists. They cover the scene and flood the area with uniforms and plain clothes investigators, from the minute that the call first comes in, to the arrest of the suspects. Trial preparation is a speciality, in our Police services, that that the Crown Attorneys have all the evidence that they need to conduct a success full trial. By the way, our Crown Attorneys are NOT elected , so they are not afraid of trying any case, with out worrying about a future election. They are employees of the Province.

    So, a nation with low crime rates, and a Police service that is professional, and a court system that is not corrupt, and out comes that are reflective of our societal ideals. Works for us.

    Jim B

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