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What is the difference between hashish and marijuana or are they both almost the same plant?

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    Hashish and marijuana both originate from the female cannabis plant, the cannabis sativa. Cannabis is the generic name for hashish and weed. Small resin glands are situated at the flowering tops and upper leaves of the cannabis plant. They look like hairs that produce resin. When you look at the flowering tops you can see the hairs. The resin attracts pollen and contains THC; the active substance of hashish and weed.

    Marijuana is made of the dried flowering tops of the cannabis plant. It is also possible to make hashish from the resin. The resin is compressed and called hashish. In general hashish is stronger than weed. The intensity of the effects of weed depends on the use of only the upper part of the plant, or also the use of the middle part of the plant.

    Hashish is actually pure resin. Producing hashish requires the separation of the resin from the flowering tops by drying and cooling the plant. After that, the plant is filtered. The small resin grains fall through the sieve, which can be repeated several times. It is then crushed into powder, by hand or with the help of a press. The oil that comes free causes the powder to stick. It is then molded into a brown slice. That is called hashish.

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    Marijuana is a plant.The female marijuana plant grows smokable "buds",sticky green fragrant buds.

    Hashis is a man made product,with varying quality levels, hashis is made from gathering the resin from dried marijuana plant buds,and unfortunatley in most cases leaves,stems,branches and god knows what else to "bulk up" the volume of the end product.

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    cannabis is in basic terms a focused style of Tetrahydracannabinol (THC). As such cannabis comes from cannabis Sativa (marijuana). There are actually not any ameliorations different than performance! by utilising the way....cannabis and marijuana are actually not labeled as a "narcotic."

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    Man, this site is dead. You should've just Google'd it.

    "What are the differences between hashish and weed?"

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