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Brady + Moss (2007) vs. Montana + Rice (1987)?

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    Brady and Moss wins

    Brady had 50 touchdown, 4800 yards, and 8 interception . Montana had 31 touchdown 8 int and 3000 yards

    Randy Moss 1500 yards and 23 touchdown , Rice had 1100 yards and 22 touchdown . ( I would pick Jerry rice over moss,, because he only play 12 games, but altogether I'm chose Brady and Moss )

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    Montana and Rice won the Superbowl. Brady and Moss lost to a much inferior team in the Giants while only putting up 14 points. The final score is the only stat that matters.

    Source(s): You play the game to win - Herm Edwards
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    Brady and Moss were just complete maniacs on the field. I saw this one play (I dunno what game it was in) where Brady launched it downfield. Moss was covered by 2 defenders. He jumped up, caught the ball with 1 hand AND managed to rip it out of the defender's hands who was holding on to the ball with 2 hands. Both defenders fell, and he was the only one standing. I'm not sure if it was 07, but that Brady/Moss combo was just incredible!

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    Montana + Rice 1987... They actually won the Super Bowl....

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    Moss has the most touchdowns in a season. So it's probably Brady and Moss.

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