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What to do with this Fantasy Basketball team?

PG Ricky Rubio

SG Jamal Crawford

G Russel Westbrook

SF Tayshaun Prince

F Rudy Gay

PF Kevin Love

C Serge Ibaka

C Al Jefferson

Util Elton Brand

Util Ryan Anderson

Bnch Jason Kidd

Bnch Andrew Bogut

Bnch Deandre Jordan

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    Drop Bogut and Kidd because Bogut is most likely out for the season, and Kidd just ins't playing well. Maybe there could be someone better at SF. Also in setting your line up. Move Rudy Gay to SF and bench Tayshaun Prince. Move Ryan Anderson or Elton Brand to F, and Move Jordan to Util.

  • 9 years ago

    First of all, you have a nice looking squad, championship caliber.

    Ibaka has been playing well, dont listed to the other posts. Hes an absolute beast and the other players you have compliment his rebounding/blocking abilities.

    The one thing Id look into changing is in fact upgrading your SF/SG position. Ultimately you are good in AST, REB, but lacking in Points. If you can swing a deal like Al Jefferson for Kevin Martin, that would be ideal.

    Last thought, I would drop Bogut. My league is a little deeper than yours here, but Bogut is an absolute cancer. If he missed 43 games last year with a sprained back, how many do you think hell miss this year with a fractured ankle?

    Best of luck

  • Billy
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    9 years ago

    Looks pretty good to me. Your pretty good at Guard with Rubio and Westbrook. Strong at Forward with Love, Gay, and Anderson. And good at Center also, with DeAndre and Al Jefferson. I don't really see anything that needs improvement.

    Maybe a different SF, since Ibaka hasn't been doing well at all.

  • 9 years ago

    g- westbrook






    you need package up rubio and elton brand for aother guard ..then you will be set

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