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What does intercession mean?

give an example?

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    An example. If after you hear the adhan you make dua for RasullAllah(saw): "Allahumma Raba Hadeehee Da'a Watee Taaama Wa Salaatil Qaaa Eemah A Ti Muhamadan ill Waseela Ta Wal Fadheela Wa Ba'athhooma qaa man mah moodan il adhee wa adta"

    Then RasullAllah(saw) will have intercession for you on the day of judgement.

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    Nowadays, an intercession is typically a 'break' in between something. So the Super Bowl Half Time Show is an intercession of the game itself, or commercials are intercessions of TV shows.

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    Tirmidhi relates, through his chain of narrators from 'Uthman ibn Hunayf, that a blind man came to the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) and said, "I've been afflicted in my eyesight, so please pray to Allah for me." The Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) said: "Go make ablution (wudu), perform two rak'as of prayer, and then say:

    "Oh Allah, I ask You and turn to You through my Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet of mercy; O MUHAMMAD (YA MUHAMMAD), I SEEK YOUR INTERCESSION with my Lord for the return of my eyesight [and in another version: "for my need, that it may be fulfilled. O Allah, grant him intercession for me"]."

    Do the readers see how Muhammad specifically instructed the blind man to address him directly in his prayer? The blind man wasn’t told to simply pray to Allah asking him to heal him on behalf of Muhammad. He was also directed to address Muhammad directly and personally ask him in the prayer to intercede for him.

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    Intercession is what prophets and messengers do on behalf of

    their nations on the day of judgement. Basically it is a prayer

    which pious prophets and messengers ask on behalf of their

    nation. During their life time, the prophets obliged whoever asked

    for a prayer on their behalf, as they were officially appointed

    care takers of their nations.

    Muhammad Javed Iqbal

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    The action of intervening on behalf of another.

    The action of saying a prayer on behalf of another person.

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